Haiku Madness

“Haiku is a beautiful form of Japanese poetry consisting of seventeen syllables: Five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second line, and five in the third line.”

Haiku 1.
Wicked thoughts in mind
Behind the curtains falling
Leaves are falling also

Haiku 2.
Fertile land surrounds
Moonlight on the ground is found
Flesh hidden beneath

Haiku 3.
Dripping into mouth
Plucking off your soft warm clothes
Hero in the night

Haiku 4.
Hot chocolate with cup
Warmth in my hands and cheeks
Yummy Mexican Spice

Haiku 5.
Heavy fortunes slip
Away from those who hold tight
Happy is the heart

Haiku 6.
Our world swells with hurt
Wisdom is a dream we can
All wish for someday

Haiku 7.
Swimming in her touch
Balancing on her tongue
Travels through my soul


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