Pomegranate Wine

Have you ever had the pleasure of the flavor
Of pomegranate wine on your tongue?
It’s dark cool wetness on your lips?
You will find that it holds
A hidden part of nature
In the belly of it’s bottle
And as it’s juices flow
Through the neck of it’s flute
and into your glass
It splashes with delight and pleasure
As it readies for a taste
Full of Richness like a tart grape
Almost as if the skin
Of the fruit remains exposed
And deep within each drop
Is an unbearable sweetness
That shocks your senses
As it trickles down your throat
And slowly makes it’s way to your heart
Encompassing your soul
Warming your body in ways
Never forseen
Only secretly desired
You pour more into your mouth
Allowing it’s thick salty honey
To fill your cheeks
Sustaining a breath
Eluding that swallow
Enjoying the tickle
Of it’s fruits on your tongue
As you fully consume it’s ripeness
Until only your saliva stays
Saddened by it’s departure


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