From An Ants Point of View

How majestic is this tree
From an ants point of view
I will climb it and explore
I will find a drop of dew
Will I find it between the bark
Oh no there’s only sap
Stay away or get stuck
Wise words from my pap
Up and up I go
Does this tree ever end
Up and up I go
It will be worth it in the end
Should I climb out on a limb?
Or should I stay safe on the trunk
The only way to reach a leaf
Is to perform this crazy stunt
One foot at a time
I have six don’t you know
I can feel the wind a gust
I can feel it really blow
I will not fall
I will not swing
I will make it to that leaf!
I will be a happy king
Oh it will be a relief
Almost there
I see the dew
Right in front of me
I’ve got it!
Yay Yippee!
A king ant there is in me!


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