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Vulnerable in you arms

Vulnerable in my heart

It’s all left exposed

For you to tear apart

You seek me me out

When I wish to hide

You charm me back

After many lies

You manipulate my soul

To trust and have joy

But soon I will suffer

I know your hidden ploy




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Like An Illegal Drug

She is like an illegal drug
That I should not have
Or be involved with
A drug that is always harmful and addictive
A drug that is intoxicating and euphoric
She gives me a high
And then withdrawals
When I don’t have her
I want her so badly
But if I take her
Then I must pay the consequence of
Calls of insanity
Questions of why she is gone again
Of why she does what she does
Followed by ridicule and embarrassment
For associating with such stupidity and madness

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Words of Destruction

They hide inside my head
Eating at my soul
Tearing me up
And no one can see
The horrors that they cause
No one can feel the pain
That they inject in my veins
Slowly poisoning my organs
And weakening my limbs
Delaying my heart beat
Until one no longer exist
And now all that remains
Is the crisp cold chill of it’s touch
My inner words of destruction

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Piercing Pain of Madness

My words were at one time enticing
And warm to the soul
And smooth as honey to swallow
But something has changed inside me
And now the only words
That seem to escape my mouth or pen
Are filled with sadness and poison
They ring in my ears
Through ou the days and nights
Torturing me with a piercing pain of madness

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