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The Stinky Yellow Frog

Deep in the forest there was a very stinky yellow frog.
He was also very lonely.
Nobody liked him, because of his foul stench.
Everywhere he went the creatures nearby would scream,
“Eww! You are so stinky!! Go away!”
And, so everyday he hopped away crying hoping to find a friend.
Then one day he came across a puddle with a stink bug in it.
The little stinky bug was diving with delight
and swimming with joy of solitude
When the stink bug noticed the little lonely yellow frog
he screamed, “Please come in and swim! Share my puddle with me!”
They became immediate friends, to the little frogs surprise.
Usually bugs and frogs are not friends, frogs eat bugs,
but in this case the little frog did not care to eat his bug friend.
They lived happily together for many many years in their stinky little
puddle never being told to go away by another. Being who they were always
meant to be… stinky and happy.

THE END (for my boys who love stinky stories)


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